Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Twenty-Six

Do we like this pear? YA, ve do!!! (Sorry... I couldn't resist.)

This is a YA Pear, also known as a Chinese White Pear or a Snow Pear. They are grown in northern China, and are totally different from the Asian pears you see in the regular markets. I got this one in a little Asian market, all wrapped up in tissue paper and foam webbing to protect it.

YA Pears have a thin skin with white or slightly yellow flesh. They are juicy and crisp... and quite yummy!!! They have a slight pineapple taste with just a touch of rose! So if you can find one, buy it and give it a try. You will like it!!!

B = YA Pear
L = 2 large "Fiesta Crackers" with 1 Tbsp. "Oh My this is a Tuna!" spread on each.
S = 3 medool dates
S = large red pepper
D = fruit smoothie (bananas/fr. strawberries/cranberry pomegranite juice) with 1 Tbsp. Royal Jelly

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