Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day Nineteen

Isn't that purty!!! In case you have never had one, it is a Pummelo, also known as a Chinese Grapefruit. The one I had was about 9 inches across. It's like a grapefruit on steroids!!! [grin] Now I have to admit that the pummelo is deceiving. It is huge on the outside, but the edible part is barely larger than what you would get out of a regular grapefruit. It has a thick skin and thick membrane surrounding the segments. The taste is sweet-tart and less acidic than grapefruit. This would be a good citrus fruit for people who have trouble with the acidity of other citrus. The one I had was pink, but you can also find them with white fruit.

B = 1/2 of a pummelo (Bob had the other half!)
S = six medool dates
L = green smoothie (banana/spinach/coconut water) with royal jelly
S = 2 Oh My this is a Tuna! wraps in red romaine leaves
S = grape juice with club soda
D = 2 bananas


Kathy said...

Keely, bought a box of mejdool dates the other day, and finally got around to using them this morning in a recipe. Of course, I did sample one - they are much larger than the dates I bought, and VERY GOOD! They are also sweeter and softer than my dates... I am having a lot of fun on my "date quest" - I do have a Pummelo at home - thought it was just an oversized-grapefruit, looking forward to trying this one now too!

Keely said...

You know... Tera has been having a "date quest" lately, too! Oh... wait... different type of date!!! [grin]

Keep me posted, and let me know how that Pummelo suits you!!! I'll keep an eye on your blog, for updates.