Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Twenty-Two

Today was a day of rest for me. I got up earlier than normal and put my body together, fed the birds and then waited for my mother to make her weekly call. After that I put the sheets in the washer and then promptly fell asleep for two hours!

I just drank water most of the day. I did have the little bit of leftover Spinach and Tofu from the previous night. I just finished a nice green smoothie and now I'll go curl up under the covers in bed with a magazine and turn in early. I just feel like a cat with a bowl of warm milk!

Today's picture is of the soothing warm glow from the pink salt crystal lamp that Bob's parents gave us at Christmas. It casts a lovely glow all around the room!!!

Water until around noon.
L = leftover Spinach and Tofu
nap time!
D = green smoothie (bananas/fr. mixed fruit/fr. peach/fr. pineapple/spinach/papaya nectar/orange-mango nectar) with 1 Tbsp. Royal Jelly


Kathy said...

A sunday afternoon nap is one of my favorite things!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a salt lamp! We love ours so much we have one in every room and I just gave two as gifts!

:) Connie

Keely said...

Yeah, Connie... I love this salt lamp. We also have a tealight holder made out of a big pink salt crystal!!! So relaxing!!!

And Kathy... ANY day is a good day for a nap!!! [grin]