Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day Eleven

I felt like I had a lot more energy today. I ate a lot of meals, but they were small. Maybe that made the difference. After I had my lunch, I really didn't get hungry again until around 5:30 tonight. I just finished my green smoothie and now I just feel like curling up in the bed with a good book!!! [grin]

B = 2 bananas
S = Braeburn apple
S = peach
L = red pepper
S = banana
D = green smoothie (2 bananas/fr. mango/frozen fruit blend/spinach/goji berries) with 1 Tbsp. Royal Jelly


Kathy said...

Keely, I love your fruit and veggie pictures. Your UGLI fruit inspired me to become adventurous and try new fruits! Thanks for keeping up with the blogs, I enjoy them daily!

Keely said...

Thank you for the feedback!!! I'm so glad that you like my pictures. My mission IS to inspire others to get adventurous, so it is gratifying knowing that it has worked!!! [grin]