Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day Three

Despite the fact that my sister is in the hospital right now for chest pain related problems, I feel amazingly good.

Okay, I am really detoxing, so I am a bit tired, and I smell like popcorn (consumed two weeks ago). But I have no headaches or anything. I am very conscious of odors working their way out of my system, and I brush my tongue a lot to rid it of the film of detox, but I'm feelin' clearer and cleaner.

I found out what that cabbage was that I bought the other day. It is a savoy cabbage. I was only used to the regular green or red variety. Even then, Bob and I rarely use cabbage... so I had never had any of this variety before today, and it tastes so good... even with nothing on it!!! Now before you think I downed a whole head (like Tera probably would have), let me just tell you that I only ate a couple of leaves as a snack. I'll probably eat a leaf or two each day till it is gone. It's quite tasty, but just those two leaves left me feeling full and just a bit bloated!!! Because of this I ate a late lunch and dinner. But I ate dinner early enough that I will have at least three hours to digest before I turn in for the night, and I will be in bed by 10:30!

B = 3 bananas
S = 2 savoy cabbage leaves
L = 4 peaches (.99 cents a lb.)
D = green smoothie (2 frozen bananas/fr. peaches/mango flavored coconut water/spinach/spirulina) with 1 Tbsp. Royal Jelly

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Kathy said...

Keely, great start to the new year with the BES. Glad you have Bob by your side, holding your hand through the process! Hope to sign up for that one some day myself!