Friday, February 1, 2008

Day Twenty-Seven

I've been trying to only put up pictures of fresh fruits and veggies and a few drinks during this special live version of The Body Enlightenment System. However, tomorrow is the Super Bowl and when I put one of these together today, it suddenly struck me that these would be great for raw foodists to serve for special get togethers such as this!

The base is a "Fiesta Cracker" that was cut to about 3" by 3". On top of that is 1 Tbsp. of Ocean's "Oh My this is a Tuna" spread. Then a healthy pinch of radish sprouts is placed on top of that. Now when I actually eat these, I squash the topping and sprouts down all over the whole top of the cracker. It just doesn't look as pretty that way!!! [grin]

I haven't posted the recipe for the "Fiesta Crackers" so far, because I don't know to whom I should credit the recipe. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. If I don't find the rightful author in a week, I'll post the recipe for you!

B = 2 bananas
S = 3 medool dates
L = 2 large "Fiesta Crackers" with 1 Tbsp. "Oh My this is a Tuna!" spread on each.
S = celery stick
D = vegetable pho, mango martini


shannonmarie said...

That doesn't look like juice. But, I've gotta hand it to you; you're doing much better than I ever would. Keep up the good work.

Keely said...

Okay... totally confused. JUICE??? I'm not juicing, if that is to what you are referring.

My hubby and I follow The Raw Divas BES program. No juicing involved. [grin]

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! I want to eat it right off the screen. :)