Thursday, March 27, 2008

Raw Easter Dinner!

Well... I think I made you wait long enough for my pictures of Bob's and my Easter dinner!!! If you click on the picture of the plate it will say that the picture is entitled "Thanksgiving Dinner". I assure you, it was Easter! I'm just a bit loopy!!! [grin]

I would have loved to have had ALL of the lovely recipes from Raw Food, Right Now! presents Raw Easter, but we actually got a late start on shopping and all.

Bob prepared the entire dinner by himself (which is not uncommon). He made the following recipes:

* Easter Roast with Sweet Mesquite Dry Rub
* Apricot Glaze
* Deviled Eggs
* Garlic Green Beans
* Carrot Cake

Delicious!!! The apricot glaze on the roast was just the right touch. Not only did it give it a nice slightly sweet taste, but it made it look more like an actual roast. The Deviled Eggs were so good that I whipped up a second batch (and a batch of Heidi's original Eggless "Egg" Salad recipe) today!!! JS had e-mailed me and said that he could eat Heidi's Garlic Green Beans all day long. I could too!!! They are so good and refreshing.

Then there was the carrot cake! Now I don't know if Bob followed the recipe or if he doubled it, but we ended up with four two-layered 4" cakes! They are SO rich tasting that Bob and I can only eat a quarter of a cake at a time. If you are just preparing food for two people (as we were), you might want to cut the recipe in half. Definitely a nice ending to a great meal.

Honestly... I just can't wait until Bob and I have a chance to try the other recipes out that are included in the book. If you didn't order it, yet... DO!!!

Hopefully, Bob and I will be able to fix more of the recipes that were in the book in the near future. There are a lot more left to try!!! If anyone else made any of the recipes in JS and Heidi's e-book, please let us know how it went!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Raw Rabbit Food (at it's Best)!

Heidi and JS have done it yet again!!! I'm just so excited about this, I can't even tell you. Bob and I have enjoyed the recipes from both the Raw Food, Right Now! Raw Thanksgiving ebook and the Raw Food Right Now! Raw Christmas ebook. Now we are in the midst of soaking nuts and apricots in preperation for tomorrow. The recipes in the Raw Food, Right Now! Raw Easter ebook look so wonderful that I can't even articulate! I'm just drooling too much!!! [grin]

If you order the book before Easter Day, Sunday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM Central, you can get it for only $12.00!!! Mind you it only goes back up to $15.00 after midnight, so it is still a great deal. But hey... why waste time. Get it now and save $3.00 to spend on... oh, lets see... fresh fruit!!! [grin]

Click here to view more details


Buy Now

As always, I will report back how our Easter dinner went. But don't wait for the review. Get it now, print it off in full color and stuff it in your easter basket!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Green Smoothie Bliss

This is technically the last day of my Green Smoothie Queen 3-Day Challenge. However, I'm going to continue drinking mostly green smoothies through the weekend, at the very least. I may have a salad here or there, but I really need to up my green intake.

I found this interview on YouTube and I feel that it is very important for everyone to watch this. It answered a few questions for me. Each part of the interview is only about 10 minutes. You can spare twenty minutes for your health, can't you???

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ack! I've been Hit!

Photo by Fredcat

I never could run fast enough not to get tagged! [grin] I was tagged by Leslie Anne, yesterday, to list five things that you don't know about me. Well... okay... I'm pretty boring, really... but if you really want to know!!! [grin]

1. When I was in about sixth or seventh grade, my sister and I went to a Halloween Haunted House. I enjoyed it so much that we went home and transformed our bedroom (over several days) into a haunted bedroom. We made our own soundtrack of spooky moans and groans. I cut up my fuzzy purple bathrobe to make a vampire bat (glued to styrofoam, cardboard wings) and rigged it to slide across the room on transparent thread. unscrewed the bulb in the lamp to the point that when you walked (our floor was creaky... we lived in a barn) it flickered. Then we took the kids my mother babysat on a tour. (They cried... we loved it!) I've been hooked ever since then. Over the years my display has gotten a bit better. Check it out!

2. My sister put a pickled hot pepper in my mouth while I was sleeping when I was in Junior High School. In my sleep, I chewed it up and swallowed it. I became so ill that I was unable to sit up without throwing up for over two weeks. I could barely keep food down, but bananas and Dr. Pepper gave me no trouble. My neighbor, Dr. Jose, came over almost every day to check on me. He had no idea what was wrong with me, so all they could do was try to keep me comfortable. Oh... did I mention that my sister thought I was going to die, so never told anyone what she had done for fear of being punished? She finally confessed after we were both adults. She said that she honestly thought I would wake up and spit it out because I never could stand spicy hot food!

3. Just so you know that my sister, Chana, was not the only brat in the family... When I was in seventh or eighth grade a big tree fell in the field behind our house. My best friend, Holly Lisle, and I tied my sister's hands behind her back, put a noose around her neck and left her balancing about five feet above the ground on the trunk. We rescued her in about fifteen minutes, but to this day, none of us can figure out why we did it!!!

4. I met my husband while taking out the trash. Yep! I was employed as a housekeeper at the Ohio State University's Student Union when I was a sophomore at OSU. I was pushing one of those great big rolling dumpsters towards the hall that would lead to the outdoor trash compactor from the eating area on the lower level. Bob put out his foot as if to trip the dumpster. (Had I not stopped, he would have gotten a broken ankle, I'm sure!) He then struck up a conversation about how he had been doing my job three days earlier. I basically called him a liar!!! [grin] You see, he was a "Red Coat", which is what we all called the Night Managers (days, too... but we worked nights) because of the garish scarlet blazers they sported. The only way that you could get to be a Red Coat was to work your way up through the ranks, and housekeepers were at the very bottom of the ranks. In effect, he pulled strings. He was friends with one of the managers and when an opening came up, they just squeezed him in there. Bob also broke our first date! He invited me to go out for pizza, and on the night before we were supposed to go, he cancelled. I can't remember why. We did finally go on our first date which was changed to dancing (this was during the urban cowboy craze for those old enough to remember). And the pizza date actually became a reality for our second date!

5. About five years after Bob and I got married, Bob moved to Ada, Ohio. I stayed behind in Mansfield and worked several jobs (in shifts... not much sleep) in order to keep us afloat and keep the house intact. Bob was in law school. It was the longest three years of my life. Wait... make that four. After he graduated, he moved to Columbus and did volunteer work for Governor George V. Voinovich. Somewhere around here I have an award presented to me by the governor for supporting Bob so that he could be a volunteer during that year. I moved to Columbus (where we still live) after Bob was given a state job at the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review.

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I am tagging; Bob, Holly, Kathy, Nikki, and Terilynn!

If you were already tagged, you can ignore this tag. Otherwise... YOU'RE IT!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pucker Power

I know some of you have been wondering where I have been for almost two weeks. Well... Bob went on the Master Cleanse for 10 days starting on the 2nd of March. I decided to tag along.

Now, as I have said before, the idea of going without solid food and drinking only juices does not even remotely appeal to me. But I thought it couldn't hurt to get a bit of a cleaning out. Bob blogged about his experience at Bob's Legal Lemon. I, on the other hand, dropped off the face of the Earth. (Well... the face of my blogs, anyway!) Bob is still blogging there through Monday. He's keeping people in the know about what happens once you transition back to solid food.

Why didn't I blog about my experience? Well... I knew that for me it would not be pleasant, and I simply did not want to dwell on it. I had very strong detox symptoms and to say I got a good cleaning out would be an understatement. However, I also nibbled on raw almonds now and then to slow the detox symptoms down. I did not need to sleep as much as I normally do, which is what most people that juice report. I didn't, however, experience the bouncing off the walls energy that they experienced. Would I do it again? Yep. Probably. But not until later in the year. I could not wait to start eating solid meals again, but now I find I crave the Master Cleanse Lemonade, with less cayenne! Therefore I have decided that I will be drinking that from time to time instead of a meal. Probably first thing in the morning. Just trying to keep a bit of clarity!!! [grin]

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wearin' O' the GREEN

Pucker up all you Irish... and Irish wanabees! It's time for another Green Smoothie Queen 3-Day Challenge. And this one is extra special. Why? Well because it starts on St. Patrick's Day and since you will be toting around your green smoothies wherever you go... no one can pinch you! That's no Blarney!!! So join Bob and I and go over and sign up right now. Then dance a little jig! But hurry, kiddies, because The Divas are closing registration Saturday night.

And thanks, Penni, for letting me borrow your lips!!! [grin]

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Although I am not one of those that heard the siren call of The Global Juice Feast, I want to give credit to all of you that have decided to embark on this epic adventure. 92 days without solid food... WOW! Nope. I'm not feeling it!

But even though I will not be joining you, I did make myself a juice to honor you! In all honesty, I made it several weeks ago, but held the picture to post for you today! I can't remember everything that was in it, but I do know it contained two small apples, three carrots, two large beets, some cilantro, a small bit of fresh ginger and a plum tomato or two.

After I made my juice, I was left with all of this pulp from both my drink and Bob's. Now, I am one of those people that don't like to juice because I feel like I'm throwing away good food. So I took a tip from Oscar over at Freshtopia and mixed all the pulp with some soaked flax seeds and made crackers!!! Yum!!! Now I realize that those of you that are feasting could not eat the crackers, but if you have family members that are still eating solid food, you might want to make some for them. And, of course, you can always feed the pulp to your compost pile if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that will allow that.

So GOOD LUCK!!! Take lots of pictures of your progress, and if you need inspiration... head on over to Terilynn's blog, Inspiration:Life. She just completed day 92... and is still going!!!