Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day Seven

Normally, Bob and I would go to our Tai Chi class on Saturdays, but Bob woke up a bit under the weather. He hasn't been sleeping well, either. So... later in the afternoon I talked him into a walk in the park. Then we went to the market to get some fruits and veggies. (I'm going to be trying Ugli Fruit this week!)

On the way home, we had to drive past our favorite restaurant, Ha Long Bay Asian Kitchen. And that is when the seeds of discontent were sown. Bob said he should have gone home a different route, and I agreed that I had been thinking how good it would be to stop. We didn't though. We went home, put the groceries away, started puttering around the house... but the seeds found fertile soil and soon they sprouted. Yes, gentle readers... Bob and I are only human and the call of the Bay, too great!!! [grin]

Tomorrow is another day, full of fresh fruits and veggies!!!

B = 2 peaches
S = 6 medjool dates
L = green smoothie (bananas/fr. tropical smoothie fruits/fr. peaches/apple juice/mixed baby greens/spirulina) with 1 Tbsp. Royal Jelly.
D = Garlicky Spinach with Tofu, Ca phe sua da at Ha Long Bay


Kathy said...

You go girl! We are all human, there is always "...another day" Keep up the good work! Nice pictures of your walk too.

Keely said...

Thank you Kathy!