Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day Fourteen

I was going to skip posting today all together, but then I decided, what the heck!!! There will be no pretty picture as I was too busy to take any today.

Bob and I got up and went to our Tai Chi class and then we had planned on going directly from there to the grocery store. But then one of the other students asked us if we were going to go to Ha Long Bay for lunch, and if so, he would join us. Well... we do so love that restaurant, so we dropped everything like a hot potato and headed on over there. Alas, we ended up eating alone, as our "date" must have gotten tied up with something.

After that we started running errands. First to the hobby store so Bob could pick up a magazine and some model paint. Then to the craft supply store so I could use my 50% off coupons!!! [grin] Then we went to a couple of Asian grocery stores so we could get Durian and Jackfruit and other assorted treasures. (We did NOT buy any of the live frogs that they were selling!!!) Bob made a quick stop to pick up a camera card for one of his co-workers and then it was off to the health food store to stock up on Medjool Dates.

Alas, while we were there we learned that they could no longer get the Woodstock Farms Organic Raw Almond Butter because of that stupid almond pasteurization fiasco. And I SO do love me some raw almond butter inside my Medjool Dates for a sweet treat!!!

I'm not posting a food diary for today because I ate a couple of bananas for breakfast, and then ate at the restaurant for lunch and had leftovers for dinner. The rest of the time we were too busy to eat!

For dessert tonight we had a big serving of LAUGHTER and inspiration courtesy of The Raw Divas' Body Enlightenment System support teleseminar. Ah, Bliss!!!

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