Monday, January 14, 2008

Day Nine

A(pear)antly, I had a theme for today. Everything I had was pears!!! And I have a bit of advice for those who like to have a green smoothie for one of your meals. I like a bit of mint in with my pear smoothies. Unfortunately, I had no fresh mint in the house, so I put a bit of Creme de Menthe extract flavoring in the blender. Actually, I put a "bit" too much. Bleck!!! I had to doctor it with bananas and then it was barely palatable!!! [sigh] Do NOT put more than a drop of the stuff in your blender. Better yet... only use fresh mint leaves!!!

B = 2 forelle pears
L = 4 seckel pears
S = 2 seckel pears
D = green smoothie (bartlett pears/apple juice/mint flavoring/bananas)


keda said...

i had a pear smoothie experiment yesterday as well. put too much parsley. a handfull of grapes, 4 inches of ginger and one banana later... i came out with a fabulous smoothy.

Keely said...

I came up with a really great pear recipe earlier in this blog! Minty Pear Sensation!