Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day Twenty-One

Spinach and Tofu stir-fried (in a garlic sauce)

Today was a very weird day. I woke up kinda sick to my stomach. I ate a couple of bananas for my breakfast and I seemed to feel a bit better, but by the time Bob and I got to our Tai Chi class, I was queasy again. We had a great class, though!

Then of course, we had to run to the community market and pick up some raw nuts and seeds for something we are planning to whip together over the weekend. Then we ran to the grocery to get leafy greens and herbs and such. By the time we got home and I got everything put away and the mail opened... it was time to put my face on (make-up) so that I would look presentable when Bob and I went to our favorite restaurant (do I even need to mention that it is called Ha Long Bay Vietnamese Kitchen, anymore?).

Well, I had no sooner started to put on my make-up when every smoke detector in the whole house started blaring! You know how you are supposed to change the batteries on New Year's Day. Well... we do... for the most part. The ceiling in our bedroom is vaulted and it is a long way up there. Bob is afraid of heights, and I am not supposed to climb ladders... so, we didn't change that one... for two years! Today, it decided to die. So the ladder came out and after installing, then re-installing the battery in the correct direction and switching off and on of power supply we finally got the things to shut up!!!

Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that I had breakfast, and then did not eat again until dinner. Because of that, I am not posting my normal list of what I ate when. But for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of what I had for dinner. Yes, gentle readers... it is cooked. But the good news is, my tummy is no longer queasy!!!

Caphe Sua Da on the left, Vegetable Rolls on the right. We also shared some Summer Rolls (behind iced coffee).

Check out Bob's blog to see what he ate!!!

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