Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Sixteen

Sometimes you make a bigger mess just trying to get where you want to be. Bob and I went to the grocery today and when we got home he decided we should clean out the fridge before we put the new stuff away. We had quite a few old non-raw items in there that we wanted to toss. Well, I figured if we were going to be pulling out stuff, we might as well pull it all out so that I could wash the shelves down. Several hours later, the main part of the fridge is clean and organized. The door still needs done, but that will have to wait because I'm just too tuckered out right now. I'd like to throw even more stuff out, but Bob has a thing for hot sauce. There are probably at least ten different varieties in there. [sigh]

B = banana
S = Kara Lovin' Smoothie (banana/fr. strawberries/fr. blueberries/pomegranate juice)
L = Pho
S = Blood Orange Raw Mojito
D = salad (mixed greens/spinach/avocado/seaweed salad)


Anonymous said...

Hey Keely,
What is Pho?

Keely said...

Vietnamese soup! Bob whipped us up his version of it.

And who are you, Anonymous??? [grin]

Kathy said...

That salad looks really yummy!!! Care to share... do you have a dressing on it? Hope your feeling better after your nap yesterday.

Keely said...

That is just packaged seafood salad from the Asian market, Kathy. It is shown as it comes. I know it has sugar in the oil, but I threw the ingredients away so I don't remember what kind of oil. I used it as a topping for a big leafy green salad with one avocado. Just wanted to try something different!!! [grin]

We will have to get on Bob's case to make a totally raw version!!!

Tera said...

caterpillars and slime come to mind. Yeeeech! Actually reminds me of the weird but totally yummy seaweeds I used to eat in Japan. I loved it.

I came across a great friend who works in the Asian district here in Montreal who keeps stocking me up on YUMMY goji berries and amazing teas! Yummm..

Where are the hot dog pictures from the Man? I don't think raw sea weed would be possible. Not of the slimy caterpillar variety!


Keely said...

Tera... You crack me up!!! I can't help it, I liked my slimey caterpillers!!! [grin]

Don't know where the "Diva Dude's" pictures of the raw hotdogs are. Probably still in the camera!!!

Goji berries... YUM!