Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Green Smoothie Queen - Day 2

Tropical Green
(makes 32 ounces)

2 bananas
1 cup frozen smoothie fruit blend (strawberries/mango/pineapple)
small handful frozen pineapple
2 cups of coconut nectar
large handful spinach
1 Tbsp. Vitamineral Green
1 tsp. royal jelly in honey

I had the above wonderful smoothie for my breakfast. For lunch I made a smoothie which I named a "Papaya Scream". You will not be finding the recipe for that anywhere on this blog! To say that it was horrible would be too kind!!! The only nice thing I could say about it was that it was the most lovely shade of green. I put it in the fridge in the hopes it would taste better cold. It did not. [sigh] I drank a "Basil Limeade" to get the terrible taste out of my mouth. For dinner I had a jackfruit smoothie.

Observations: I woke up this morning with a killer headache, but it was gone before I finished my first green smoothie of the day. I noticed that I have been more ornery than usual today, and the e-mails that I get are funnier to me! I was able to run my errands in record time today, too!!! [grin]


Rediscover Raw Food said...

So what you're saying is that Keely on Smoothies is a dangerous thing!? Yeah,girl! Sometimes those smoothie concoctions don't turn out as we anticipate, but they do wonders for the energy levels.

mandy said...

rock on with your green self! i'm liking the green smoothies, and you're right i totally don't taste the spinach. weird.

Joyce said...

What a shame to spoil the lovely subtle flavor of the papaya...not to mention the price! Better luck next time.

Keely said...

Yes... Keely on smoothies can be quite a trip. And that smoothie did not boost anything. I never could get it down!!!

I'm glad you are digging (do they still use that term) your green smoothies, Mandy!!! [grin]

Joyce... I wanted it to be good! I was initially inspired by your recipe. But I didn't have your lovely yellow papayas fresh off the tree. I was stuck with a nasty old green one. And it was the taste of that papaya that I was trying to cover up at the end. After it chilled, it was very acidic in taste. I'm surprised that it didn't etch the glass!!!

Kathy said...

Keely, glad to see you on the smoothie challenge again!!! Good luck! Think I'll grab the next one. Hope to find some of those cute little mason jars with handles this summer at garage sales/flea markets!

Darice Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, you all are making me so jealous! I am on this no fruit "program" for 15 days or maybe more (we'll see if I don't fall over and turn green!). I miss my yummy fruit smoothies. Looks and sounds A W E S O M E!!!!! Yummers!

Keely said...

I'll try to remind you of the next one, Kathy!!!

Hi Darice! I'm so sorry to hear that you can't enjoy our green smoothies right now, but the recipes will still be here after your 15 days are done! Just hit the smoothies title under the labels, and they will all come up!!!