Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day Twenty-Eight

We did not go to our weekly Tai-Chi class. Bob came home from work on Thursday and was too ill to go into work on Friday, or to class this morning. So today we just kinda sat back and coasted.

B = 2 bananas
S = lg. glass of Basil Limeade
L = green smoothie (mango/banana/fr. strawberry, mango & pineapple mix/orange-mango juice/spinach/tsp. spirulina powder) and 1 tsp. royal jelly
S = 4 medool dates stuffed with raw almond butter (yum)
D = big salad (mixed greens/avocado/radish sprouts/grape tomatoes)


Paulina said...

The picture of your smoothie looks too good to be true! I love love love smoothies especially the green ones :)

I appreciate the suggestion you left on my blog. I'll definitely check out the website and hopefully VegTeen For Christ will too!

Keely said...

Thanks, Paulina!

You will really enjoy The Divas!!! They also have another Green Smoothie Queen 3-Day Challenge starting up on February 18th!!! [grin]

Allison said...

I'm new to your blog and to juiceing/smoothieing but I did see on that it's a good idea to buy mason jars to hold smoothies you'll be drinking at work. I see your mason jar has a handle- that is great! So now I'm wondering where you bought it!

Keely said...

Hi Allison!

Welcome to my raw blog!!!

My two jars were bought many moons ago at a flea market, I think.

When my hubby and I first set up housekeeping, the girl who lived in the other half of our run down double used jars as her drinking glasses because that is all she could afford. I bought the drinking jars as a nod to her several years later!

That being said, I have seen them advertised on eBay!!! Search for Golden Harvest Drinking Jar.

I must also point out that I do not have any idea if actual lids woud fit on these as they are not meant to be used in that manner. I never take my glass jars out of the house. I use my green diva jugs when I am on the road.