Monday, February 4, 2008

Day Thirty

And there it is... day 30... the last day of the BES. Well, for now at least!!! I'm sure Bob and I will be signed up for another one before too long!!! [grin]

I have to tell you, I did not sleep well at all last night. I went to bed, tossed... turned... drifting in and out of consciousness. Finally gave up at 1:30 AM and went downstairs to do some cleaning. Went back to bed at 3:30 AM and finally started to really sleep sometime around 5:00 AM. Of course I had to get up at 8:00 AM to go to see Dr. Laura.

Sadly, all of Dr. Laura's work was for not. She no sooner put my back in alignment, but I left the office and proceeded to screw it back up with dishwashing and laundry and grocery shopping. [sigh]

Anyhow... I scored a Mangosteen today!!! There was one little lonely fruit huddled in the corner of the freezing unit at one of the Asian Markets I was visiting. I snagged it instead of taking the bag of them because I was afraid that it would not be to my taste. When I got it up to the check-out the woman informed me that they were not sold individually and set it aside. However, after she had totalled me up she slipped it in my bag, gave me a big smile and said, "I give you free... to try"! Such a sweetie!

After I got home I looked up mangosteens, because I knew nothing about them. I became a bit concerned when I read that it was considered the queen of fruits. You see, I'm not too overly fond of fresh durian... the king of fruits! Anyhow when Bob got home I pulled it's little zipper (it was pre-cut, taped, then frozen) and we each gave it a try. Now, judging from the condition of the "meat" of the fruit, it was getting a bit dehydrated and was probably not very young. However, at least we got to say we tried it! Ours was very mild. Bob was not impressed. I thought that it had a bit of a grape taste to it.

I spent the rest of the evening preparing food to be dehydrated. Tune in tomorrow to see Bob's and my end of the BES celebration dinner!!!

B = green smoothie (bananas/fr. pineapple-mango-strawberry blend of fruits/fr. pineapple/coconut nectar/Vitamineral Green/spinach) with 1 Tbsp Royal Jelly.
L = white grapes
S = plum tomato
D = sweet red peppers
S = 1/2 of a mangosteen


Anonymous said...

I have heard of the mangosteen, but did not know what it was; it's pretty. Christopher and I were trying to guess what it was before we read the text. He was sure it was a cookie. :) Thanks for sharing your experience.

:) Connie

Keely said...

It's a very odd little fruit, Connie. The shell is as hard as a nut! In fact, it almost seems more nuttish than fruitish (actual words that I just now invented!!!).

I'm hoping to someday get the opportunity to taste a fresh one.

freshtopia said...

I'm with you Keely, no thanks to the Durian!

I just started incorporating Mangosteen in my anti-cancer diet. I've only had the pure juice, never the whole fruit. In the juice that I've gotten, the hull (pericarp) is ground into the juice. My understanding is that the hull contains most of the antioxidant xanthones, and the fruit contains very little. I rather like the mangosteen juice, and would love to try a (fresh) whole fruit.

Thanks for the write up, and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only durian-loathing raw foodie.

Oh, I wrote a post on my first experience with Mangosteen juice here:

Health and Happiness to you,

Keely said...

You know what is worse than fresh durian, Oscar? Running around the house frantically throwing on clothes so you can get out of your house to report a natural gas leak... when it dawns on you that you live in an electric house. Then it sinks in that your loved one (Bob in my case) had told you that they had banned the durian crackers that he had been munching on from the office, for just that reason!!! [grin]