Thursday, March 27, 2008

Raw Easter Dinner!

Well... I think I made you wait long enough for my pictures of Bob's and my Easter dinner!!! If you click on the picture of the plate it will say that the picture is entitled "Thanksgiving Dinner". I assure you, it was Easter! I'm just a bit loopy!!! [grin]

I would have loved to have had ALL of the lovely recipes from Raw Food, Right Now! presents Raw Easter, but we actually got a late start on shopping and all.

Bob prepared the entire dinner by himself (which is not uncommon). He made the following recipes:

* Easter Roast with Sweet Mesquite Dry Rub
* Apricot Glaze
* Deviled Eggs
* Garlic Green Beans
* Carrot Cake

Delicious!!! The apricot glaze on the roast was just the right touch. Not only did it give it a nice slightly sweet taste, but it made it look more like an actual roast. The Deviled Eggs were so good that I whipped up a second batch (and a batch of Heidi's original Eggless "Egg" Salad recipe) today!!! JS had e-mailed me and said that he could eat Heidi's Garlic Green Beans all day long. I could too!!! They are so good and refreshing.

Then there was the carrot cake! Now I don't know if Bob followed the recipe or if he doubled it, but we ended up with four two-layered 4" cakes! They are SO rich tasting that Bob and I can only eat a quarter of a cake at a time. If you are just preparing food for two people (as we were), you might want to cut the recipe in half. Definitely a nice ending to a great meal.

Honestly... I just can't wait until Bob and I have a chance to try the other recipes out that are included in the book. If you didn't order it, yet... DO!!!

Hopefully, Bob and I will be able to fix more of the recipes that were in the book in the near future. There are a lot more left to try!!! If anyone else made any of the recipes in JS and Heidi's e-book, please let us know how it went!!!


Wendi Dee said...

Your pictures look wonderful! Yum!! I sometimes get a bit of an upset stomach when I eat a lot of raw greenbeans, so I wasn't sure about trying the recipe. It sounds like everything was great!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Lots of love to you,


Keely said...

Oh by all means do try the beans! You don't have to eat a lot of them at a time. (in fact, Bob put the leftovers in a bag in the fridge and I would snag one or two whenever I had to get something out of there!) They are just SO GOOD!!!


HiHoRosie said...

Hooo boy! Doesn't that look good! Yu-huh=mee! Unfortunately, I didn't get to try these recipes out on Easter but certainly plan to soon - for no occasion maybe. :)

Kathy said...

I was looking at the carrot cake recipe in Ani Phyo's book last night. Thinking with my love of carrot juice lately, it is a natural yummy progression!

Keely said...

Hi HiHo! You will not regret making them. The meal will transform "no occasion" into "an occasion"!!!

Hi Diva Kathy! You would not believe the wonderful smell coming out of the dehydrator while this cake was drying. It smelled for all the world like I had a traditional carrot cake in the oven!!! It perfumed the air in the whole house!

Disa said...

How nice. I shopped late too and spent way too much. I halved the cake recipe and just made cupcakes. The frosting is amazing and the cake very intense. I like how your roast turned out. Since I have never ever had a real roast I made mini ones that I am still unsure about. Oh well, lots of fun thought. I just love Heidi and Justin for doing the book.

Keely said...

Hi Disa!

Bob and I both loved the roast. Had to have the glaze, though, to get the full benifit!!!

Do you have any of JS and Heidi's other holiday planners? If not, and you want more info, go back to my blog and scan down to the next post and I've got links to those pages, too. Her Eggless "Egg" Salad (different than the Deviled "Eggs") is not to be missed! Justin... I mean JS, says that it is used for currency in some countries!!! [grin]