Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Salad Days

Why has the term "salad days" taken on such a negative connotation? It is usually used to refer to those lean times before you have all the "gravy". I am assuming that this is a reference to only being able to afford a salad on a restaurant menu. However, I think that salads can be a glorious thing filled with all sorts of goodies! Nothing to "look down your nose at", for sure.

Today, I am eating nothing but salads!!! They are filled with all sorts of good things and just might make those people who think you only eat salad when you have no money to take a second look! So go ahead... declare your own Salad Daze!!! [grin]


Sarah said...

I love my salads :) My husband and I each have at least 1 large salad a day (serving bowl size)and sometimes a second smaller salad as well. The toppings really make the salad!

Keely said...

Hi Sarah!

Thanks for stopping by!

I do love my salads!!! Today, I am drinking them! Lots of good greens plus some persimmon, mango and banana all whipped in the blender! Go green smoothies!!! [grin]