Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dinner for Two

Not a turkey in site (other than Bob), and no cooking was involved. In fact, this was the easiest Thanksgiving that Bob and I have ever had. Very laid back, and everything came together beautifully!!! A lot of the dishes could be made ahead of time. I don't have the same aversion to food prep that I do with cooking, so this year I actually made a few of the dishes, myself.

What did we have? Going clockwise around the plate, there was Raw Cranberry Relish, Raw Walnut Pecan Stuffing with Raw Gravy, Raw Waldorf Salad, Spinach Casserole and smack dab in the middle is Raw Deviled Eggless "Eggs" Spread! It was all delicious!!! To drink we had Basil Lemonade with basil frozen in the icecubes.

The lemonade was based on Terilynn's of The Daily Raw Cafe's recipe for Basil Limeade. We used lemons and filled the glass about half full of the basil lemonade mixture and then filled it with club soda for a sparkling drink. We LOVE this drink, with either lemons or limes!

Jackie Graff of Sprout Raw Food is the creator of the recipe for the Spinach Casserole. We've used it for a few years for different occasions! Although it is featured in one of her recipe books, she also just sent the recipe out in her newsletter. I'm sorry, I don't have a link to the actual recipe.

The rest of the meal came straight out of Raw Food, Right Now!'s Raw Thanksgiving Recipes ebook! I can't say enough about how great these recipes turned out! Not sure you want to buy it? Well, just remember that it has the Bob and Keely seal of approval!!! [grin]


Anonymous said...

Keely, it looks delicious!

:) Connie

Keely said...

Trust me... it was!!!