Sunday, October 7, 2007

BBC Smoothie

I just made the best smoothie for my breakfast!!! This is what happens when you get up in the morning and look around, only to find that the only fresh fruit you have left in the house would not make a good smoothie. What then? Hit the freezer!!!

BBC Smoothie
(Banana, Blueberry and Cherry)

2 cups apple juice
1 fresh or frozen banana
1 cup frozen Blueberries
1 cup frozen Dark Sweet Cherries

Blend it all thoroughly and you will be rewarded by a nice, thick, deep purple smoothie!

I'm sure that this would taste great with greens, but the color would be atrocious!!!


Amy said...

Love the new blog Keely! Glad to have you back too. I hope you're not going to have to get the crutches out again after you little slip yesterday!

StamperJoyce said...

These smoothies look GOOD! Unfortunately, my blender was poisoned in the process of papermaking, so I don't get to use it for food stuff anymore. It's the price we artistic types pay....

Keely said...

That's why I have TWO blenders, Joyce! [wink-wink]

I have an old Westinghouse for making paper, and a newer KitchenAid for whippin' up smoothies!!!