Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm a Raw Diva!

Oh dear gods... what is she up to NOW?!?!?

Well, my dears, for the last several weeks Bob and I have been eating nothing but fresh raw foods. First there was The 7 Day Diva Detox. I felt really good about the program, and I loved the lovely Divas, Tera and Amy, who put it all together. Bob and I were having fun (he was the only male diva... so yeah, he was lovin' it), so we decided to continue on with The Body Enlightenment System (BES) . The BES is a 30 day program meant to free you of cravings and break bad food habits. It works! I prefer fresh fruits and veggies to any processed foods, now!

Last night we graduated from BES. Turned our tassels and threw our mortarboards in the air!

So what did I have today, now that I don't have a menu guiding me? Pizza? Pasta? Chocolate? (Well, maybe if there had been some chocolate in the house, but no.) I had a green smoothie!!! And before I had hung up from my graduation call last night, I had signed up for The Sisterhood Gold program. I'll be getting monthly menus from The Raw Divas. Now we may not follow every menu to the letter. There will be days when we go out with friends and choose to eat cooked foods, but for the most part... we are now RAW!!! Okay, I still want chocolate once in a while, and I will eat chocolate once in a while. But... it is going to be good chocolate and not some dime store bar that has been on the shelf for six months. [grin]

Don't worry about me jumping up on a soapbox and sprouting (just a little raw humor there) off at the mouth that you need to eat raw if you want to have better health. I'll leave that all up to Bob on his blog!!! [grin] However, I may post a picture of something that I made, or a recipe I think you would enjoy once in a while on this blog. I just wanted to let you know where I am at. I still consider myself a strict vegetarian, but I will probably be about 80 to 90% raw. Bob will be closer to 100% and he will be strictly vegan, I believe. This is new to me, but not to him. I do feel better, and best of all... a fellow Tai Chi student said to one of the other students in class that Bob and my skin just glowed!!! I liked that!!!

Manana Smoothie
2 ripe mangoes
2 bananas
several handfuls of spinach (or you may prefer another salad green)

Mix these all up in the blender until dreamy creamy! If you prefer a thinner smoothie, just add some water to the desired thickness. You can chill this or drink it right down. I know some of you are thinking, "YUK! She put spinach in a perfectly good fruit smoothie". Trust me when I tell you... you will not taste the spinach!!! Now some of the other greens have very distinctive tastes, so go with what you like. I personally hate Kale and can not tolerate it in my smoothies, but there are those who will put the whole bunch in there. You can also just add a handful of greens, and gradually increase the amount you add. This is a great energy boosting smoothie for the first thing in the morning... or any time! Yeah, Baby!!!

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